Hey, I’m Arjit. 👋

I’m an Engineering Manager at Delivery Hero, for the Restaurant Cart Team. I was previously leading the Cart & Checkout Experience teams. Previously, I was an Engineering Manager, and an engineer at Zendrive. In a different life, I wrote code at companies like Sprinklr and Hackerearth. I studied computer science at IIITH where I briefly researched on Humanities and Natural Language Processing.

I discovered that every single cool insight, or thought I often found, ended up leaking the very next day from my mind. And since I read a lot, I mean… (did I say that I read a lot?), losing out on ideas did not feel great. Then someone told me a simple, ingenuine trick to keep things fresh: Write things down. That is it.

So that is all there is. You can click around on this site to learn more about me. Or not.